If you are a discerning gentleperson with an appreciation for elegant correspondence, fine art, and even finer company, we believe you should find what follows below rather tempting.

The Dirty Gentleman presents his membership, thoughtfully designed to curate both fine and social arts for our members. As a member, each month you will enjoy one of TDG’s delightful photographs to keep for yourself, or to gift to others with similarly fine taste; invitations to our quarterly events and thus entrance into a charming mix of lovely people working together in service to our elegance and naughtiness; and access to his discerningly selected articles and objects.


· Monthly parcels
· Use of Membership Tokens
· Afterwork Mixer
· Invitations to the Quarterly Socials
· Community partner discounts


We accept applications for membership continuously, and review all pending applications on the waitlist a few select times each year, inviting those who demonstrate a suitable understanding and appreciation of the organization and our mission to join as full members.

Once invited to join, completion requires delivery of a one time $100 welcome fee, which provides all the ongoing benefits of membership and includes a lovely lacquer case containing a distinguished, but discreet, lapel pin identifying you as a member (required for admission to our Mixers and Socials, but discretely wearable in a wide range of circumstances) and your first three complimentary tokens, sufficient in number to promptly cover attendance for a Quarterly Social with a guest, or join a Mixer with a guest and each enjoy a cocktail.

In addition to the welcome fee, prepaid Member’s Standard Dues of $240 per year are requested, and auto-renew each year until formally cancelled. With your dues paid, you’ll enjoy twelve monthly parcels, one each month, which include a custom TDG token and an intriguing enclosure original object. (Photograph, booklet, clever object, postcard, &c.)
If prepaid membership dues present a hardship, please do let us know and we’ll share details on our sliding scale and member participation programs.


Should your situation change or travel take you away, membership may be suspended for up to three months each year for no charge. Note that suspending your dues will pause delivery of monthly parcels and disallows access to events until your membership auto-renews after three months.

Should you be firm in your belief that you wish to cancel your membership, let us know formally in writing (via email to and we will mark your account to close at the next renewal date.

Should you cancel your membership but later wish to reinstate it, contact us via email with your request, and we will restore it either at our first opportunity or during the next enrollment period, at our discretion, for a reinstatement fee of $50 per member.

Please do ensure you get clear confirmation of your request, to prevent misunderstandings.


Tokens may also be used to order our signature products, such as stockings, collar stays, and handkerchiefs as needed, as well as various photographic prints, ranging from large, dramatic framed prints, affordable posters, to small framed prints, compact prints, and even packages of our charmingly affordable Mystery Prints.


All members are invited to the four Quarterly Socials each year. No cash is required nor tipping permitted. One token per member is required for admission and all members are welcome to bring a single companion for two additional tokens. Light snacks and coat check are complimentary.


Members enjoy complimentary admission to our Tuesday evening Afterwork Mixers, for members and non-members alike to meet and mingle and get to know other like-minded persons. These events are also open to non-members or guests for an entrance fee of $10 or a token.


Before joining, thoroughly review the Terms of Membership to ensure they raise no concerns or objections for you.


If you feel you are ready for membership, please apply now.